Gautam Gambhir Predicts Babar Azam’s Resurgence Post Captaincy: ‘Actual Babar Yet to be Unveiled

Former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir, who had earlier boldy claimed that Babar Azam would emerge as the standout batsman in the ICC World Cup 2023, sheds light on the unexpected turn of events. Despite his immense talent, Babar faced a dip in form both as a batsman and captain during the tournament, leading to Pakistan’s fifth-place finish and Babar subsequently stepping down as captain.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Gambhir explained the impact of captaincy on Babar’s performance, acknowledging the pressure that accompanied leading a team that didn’t meet expectations. Gambhir believes that the post-World Cup period will showcase a revitalized Babar Azam. Contrary to the recent struggles, Gambhir predicts that fans will witness a transformed Babar, free from the pressures of captaincy, displaying the true extent of his cricketing prowess.

“You’ll see the best of Babar Azam now. You will see a completely different Babar Azam. Before the World Cup, I picked Babar as the batter of the tournament. But the pressure of captaincy hampered his form with the bat. It’s because when you are the skipper and your team isn’t performing well, you can imagine how much pressure he was under,” remarked Gambhir. Moreover, he confidently foresees an era where Babar Azam, without the burden of captaincy, will unfold as the best batsman Pakistan has ever produced.

With Pakistan currently in Australia, gearing up for a Test series under the new captaincy of Shan Masood, the focus now shifts to Babar Azam’s anticipated resurgence as he aims to reclaim his status as one of the most prolific batters in the modern era.