GTA VI footage leaker Arion Kurtaj to stay in hospital due to danger to public

An 18-year-old hacker was recently sentenced to remain indefinitely in a high-security British hospital prison after leaking footage of the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto VI. The hacker, who has autism, was deemed a continued danger to the public due to his intent to keep carrying out cybercrimes if released.

Key factors considered during sentencing included the hacker’s violent behavior while in custody, with reports of injuries and property damage; a mental health evaluation that found he still strongly wished to engage in hacking activities immediately; and his previous cyberattacks on companies like GTA developer Rockstar Games, Uber, and Nvidia.

As a result, the hacker received an indefinite hospital order, meaning he must stay in the secure hospital facility unless doctors determine he no longer poses a threat. He had previously leaked 90 clips from Rockstar Games’ forthcoming Grand Theft Auto VI game.