La Liga Stands Firm Against Super League, Emphasizes Commitment to Open Competition

In response to the European Court of Justice’s ruling favoring the Super League, La Liga released a concise statement on Thursday, denouncing the breakaway league as “selfish and elitist.” Through their platform ‘X,’ La Liga conveyed a stark reminder to fans that the Super League remains exclusive and is not accessible to all clubs, despite the court’s decision stripping UEFA and FIFA of the power to ban participating clubs.

Expressing their stance on ‘X,’ La Liga reiterated their unwavering support for UEFA and FIFA, underscoring the importance of clubs earning their place in European competitions based on merit rather than obtaining direct entry solely due to financial status. The league emphasized that any format not fully open, with direct access through domestic leagues on a season-by-season basis, is inherently closed.

“Today, more than ever, we reiterate that the ‘Super League’ is a selfish and elitist model. European football has spoken. Listen. #EarnItOnThePitch,” conveyed La Liga through their ‘X’ handle.

La Liga President Javier Tebas, a vocal opponent of the Super League from its inception, remained steadfast in his position, asserting that there will be no Super League in 2025. He highlighted the European Union’s commitment to maintaining the current football model in Europe, emphasizing that an organization controlled by the wealthiest entities would not be established. Tebas also urged a deeper understanding of the dynamics of pay television, which plays a crucial role in the financial structure of football clubs.