Progress in Gymnastics Reform: Sport England and UK Sport Commend 12-Month Report

Reports: Sport England and UK Sport have acknowledged the release of a 12-month progress report by British Gymnastics against Reform 25, marking a crucial step in the journey towards positive transformation in the sport.

The collaboration between British Gymnastics’ CEO, Sarah Powell, and her team with Sport England and UK Sport has been praised for its openness and responsiveness, particularly in light of the insights provided by the Whyte Review. The 15 completed actions out of the 41 outlined in Reform 25 represent significant progress, laying a foundation for the organization’s ongoing commitment to change.

Recognizing the inherent challenges in instigating substantial change within a sport, both Sport England and UK Sport acknowledge that the impact of these reforms will require time. The magnitude of welfare and integrity issues unearthed by Anne Whyte in her review underscores the complexity of the task at hand.

With the release of the progress report, the commitment to collaboration between Sport England, UK Sport, and British Gymnastics remains unwavering. The ongoing partnership aims not only to foster positive change within the sport but also to safeguard public investment, ensuring that gymnastics continues on a trajectory of improvement.