7 Times MS Dhoni Broke The Internet

From cryptic tweets to surprise haircuts, here’s how MS Dhoni’s social media moments always break the internet!

MS Dhoni the enigmatic captain cool of Indian cricket is not one for excessive social media exposure. But when he does grace the digital world it creates a meltdown! Here are 7 instances where Dhoni broke the internet:

The Cryptic Tweets: 

Back in 2014, Dhoni posted a series of seemingly random numbers and letters that had fans in a tizzy. Theories flew – was it a coded message? A retirement announcement? It turned out to be a promotional gimmick for a new bat sponsor, but the brief mystery had everyone buzzing.

The Farewell: 

When Dhoni finally decided to hang up his international boots, he didn’t make a big production. A simple post on Instagram, a picture with the caption “Thanks. Thala Dhoni” sent shockwaves through the cricketing world. Tributes poured in and fans everywhere mourned the end of an era.

The Haircut: 

Just before IPL 2024, a picture of Dhoni sporting a new hairstyle surfaced online. The long locks, reminiscent of his early playing days sparked speculation. Was it a sign of a return to form? A hint at retirement? The internet churned with theories proving Dhoni’s influence transcended mere haircuts.


A video of Dhoni smoking a hookah at a friend’s wedding went viral causing a stir. While some saw it as a harmless social activity, others questioned the skipper’s fitness regime. Dhoni ever the enigma maintained his silence leaving fans to debate.

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The Meme: 

A viral meme of a person who looks like MS Dhoni and is dancing to the song of Bole Jo Koyal Bago Me is very famous.

A Birthday with a Bite: 

Dhoni’s birthday celebrations are legendary; one year, a picture of him cutting cake with his pet dog by his side stole the show. The adorable image was a heartwarming reminder of Dhoni’s love for animals and sent the internet into an aww-overload.

The Down-to-Earth Dhoni: 

A video of Dhoni casually driving a tractor on his farmhouse spread like wildfire. The sight of the cricket legend in such a simple setting resonated with fans, showcasing his grounded nature and love for his roots.

These are just a few instances where MS Dhoni, with or without intention sent the internet into a frenzy. His every move every social media blip becomes a talking point a testament to his enduring legacy as a cricket icon and a beloved personality.