Caitlin Clark ‘Keough’ jersey explained!

Caitlin Clark’s decision to wear a jersey bearing the name “Keough” instead of her own during the Iowa-Illinois game was a heartfelt tribute to family friend Dan Keough. Here’s more about the significance of the jersey and who Dan Keough is:

1. Play 4 Kay Initiative: The game was part of the Play 4 Kay initiative, which raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research. The pink uniforms worn by the players symbolize support for the cause.

2. Tribute to Dan Keough: Instead of her own name, Caitlin Clark wore “Keough” on the back of her jersey to honor Dan Keough, a family friend who battled colorectal cancer in 2012.

3. Meaningful Gesture: Each member of the Iowa team had a different name on the back of their jerseys, representing loved ones affected by cancer. It was a touching way for the players to pay tribute to individuals who have faced the disease.

4. Clark’s Performance: Despite wearing a jersey with a different name, Clark delivered an outstanding performance on the court, recording her sixth triple-double of the season and 16th of her career. She finished the game with 24 points, 15 rebounds, and 10 assists.

5. Who is Dan Keough: Dan Keough is the chairman and CEO at Holmes Murphy & Associates, an insurance brokerage company. He is also an Iowa graduate and has been following Caitlin Clark’s basketball career since she was in fourth grade. Keough expressed his honor and gratitude for Clark’s gesture of wearing his name on her jersey as a tribute.

6. Previous Tribute: This is not the first time Caitlin Clark has honored Dan Keough. In 2022, Keough expressed his appreciation for Clark’s gesture and praised her for her grit, spirit, competitive nature, and positivity.

Overall, Caitlin Clark’s decision to wear a jersey bearing Dan Keough’s name was a meaningful gesture that added depth and significance to the game, highlighting the importance of supporting cancer awareness and honoring loved ones affected by the disease.