Check List: Most T20 centuries by these cricketers 

Some batters stand out from the others in the fast-paced world of Twenty20 cricket, where every run matters and leaves their mark on the history of the game with incredible centuries.

Here’s a glimpse into the elite club of T20 centurions:

Chris Gayle | The Universe Boss
Nicknamed “The Universe Boss”, Chris Gayle stands tall as the maestro of T20 cricket. With a staggering 22 centuries under his belt, Gayle’s explosive batting style has left fans in awe across the globe. Amassing 14,562 runs in 463 matches, Gayle’s reign as a T20 titan is unparalleled.

Babar Azam | The Pakistani Prodigy
Pakistan’s batting sensation, Babar Azam, has swiftly carved his name in T20 history with 11 centuries. Since his debut in 2012, Azam’s elegant stroke play and consistency have earned him admiration. With 10,495 runs in 290 matches, Azam continues to mesmerize audiences with his cricketing prowess.

Virat Kohli | The Indian Maestro
Virat Kohli, a stalwart of Indian cricket, boasts nine T20 centuries in his illustrious career. His masterful batting technique and unwavering resolve have made him a force to reckon with in the shortest format. Accumulating 12,197 runs in 380 matches, Kohli’s impact on T20 cricket is undeniable.

David Warner | The Australian Dynamo
David Warner’s dynamic batting style has seen him notch up eight centuries in T20 cricket. Since his debut in 2007, Warner has been a linchpin in Australia’s T20 setup, amassing 12,213 runs in 374 matches. With a strike rate of 140.21, Warner’s aggressive approach has set him apart on the field.

Aaron Finch | The Aussie Powerhouse
Former Australia captain Aaron Finch has matched the likes of Kohli and Warner with eight T20 centuries to his name. Renowned for his explosive batting at the top order, Finch has amassed 11,458 runs in 387 matches. His ability to dominate bowling attacks makes him a formidable presence in T20 cricket.