Joel Embiid Joins Elite Club with 70-Point Scoring Feat, Breaking 76ers Franchise Record

Joel Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers’ star, made history on Monday night as he scored a remarkable 70 points in a home game against the San Antonio Spurs, breaking the franchise record previously held by Wilt Chamberlain. Here’s a look back at some of the most outstanding individual scoring performances in NBA history, with Chamberlain’s records dominating the list.

1. 100 – Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia vs. New York, March 2, 1962: In a historic game, Chamberlain scored an unparalleled 100 points, a record that has stood for six decades. Playing against the New York Knicks, he showcased his dominance, shooting 36-of-63 from the field and 28-of-32 from the free-throw line.

2. 81 – Kobe Bryant, Lakers vs. Toronto, Jan. 22, 2006: Kobe Bryant’s iconic 81-point performance against the Toronto Raptors in 2006 remains the second-highest individual scoring effort in NBA history. Bryant led the Lakers to a comeback victory, shooting 28-of-46 from the field.

3. 78 – Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia vs. Lakers, Dec. 8, 1961 (3 OT): Chamberlain displayed his dominance once again with 78 points and an astonishing 43 rebounds in a triple-overtime game against the Lakers. Despite Chamberlain’s historic effort, the Warriors fell short, losing 151-147.

4. 73 – Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia vs. Chicago, Jan. 13, 1962: Less than two months before his 100-point game, Chamberlain scored 73 points against the Chicago Packers. He demonstrated consistency throughout the game, shining brightest with 23 points in the fourth quarter.

5. 73 – Wilt Chamberlain, San Francisco at New York, Nov. 16, 1962: Chamberlain’s excellence continued as he scored 73 points against the New York Knicks while playing for the San Francisco Warriors. His performance fueled a 127-111 victory.

6. 73 – David Thompson, Denver at Detroit, April 9, 1978: David Thompson’s 73-point outburst against the Detroit Pistons was driven by his determination to secure the NBA scoring title. Despite his incredible effort, the Denver Nuggets lost 139-137, and Thompson narrowly missed out on the scoring title.

7. 72 – Wilt Chamberlain, San Francisco at Lakers, Nov. 3, 1962: Chamberlain’s scoring prowess was evident once more as he dropped 72 points against the Lakers. Despite his remarkable performance, the Warriors faced a 127-115 defeat to the Lakers.