Max Verstappen’s Surprising Top 5 F1 Drivers of All Time

Max Verstappen has ranked the top five F1 drivers of all time, with one name standing out.

Max Verstappen has ranked the top five F1 drivers of all time, with one name standing out.

The 26-year-old Dutchman is becoming more and more common in these discussions as a result of his three championships and sixty grand prix victories.

But when asked lately who his own top five would be, one name that is rarely mentioned made the list.

The top five F1 drivers of all time are a hotly disputed topic. The requirements, expectations, and physicality of F1 have all altered dramatically over the last 74 years, and the sport has grown through generations over that period.

Given how difficult it is to compare drivers from different eras, it is both subjective and scholarly. In short, it’s almost impossible to answer; however, Verstappen gave it a shot.

“I know what happens because whatever I say, there will be people commenting and disagreeing. It’s a difficult question,” he told DAZN, before giving his answer.

“I will go for Michael [Schumacher], probably also Ayrton [Senna], Fernando [Alonso], Lewis [Hamilton] and [Juan Manuel] Fangio. The familiar names.”

Who are the Verstappen’s Favourite Five F1 Drivers?

Top F1 Drivers
Top F1 Drivers

However, one name jumps out, no matter how familiar it may seem. Fernando Alonso is the most experienced Formula One driver of all time, and while he has always been one of the most gifted, his results have not always reflected that, having spent much of his later career with midfield teams.

He made his debut for Minardi in 2001 and will still be racing 25 years later, with his next Aston Martin deal running until at least the end of 2026.

Since 2001, he has participated in 389 Grands Prix (starting all but three) and won 32 times, the last of which was 11 years ago. However, the Red Bull driver believes that the two-time champion’s success is based on more than just winning.

“I think Fernando always shows himself as he is,” Verstappen said. “That is something I admire enormously. He has been very successful but remains passionate about racing. 

“He’s a typical, kind man, which I like. He is also very pleased when another driver performs well.

By the time the next Aston Martin agreement is completed, it will be two decades since he won the second of his two drivers’ titles. It has been nearly ten years since he won a grand prix.

His career began with a bang when he became F1’s youngest race winner at the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix. However, despite not being widely regarded as one of the greatest five drivers in F1 history, his brilliance far outweighs her achievements in the competition.

Verstappen finds connections in his career and Alonso’s. Both reignited their home country’s love of Formula One, and both became their country’s first world champion.

“I believe he was the first Spanish Formula One driver to make the sport popular in Spain. He also became a global champion. “For me, it’s similar in the Netherlands,” the Dutchman added.

Verstappen believes parallels between his and Alonso’s careers. Both reignited their home country’s love of Formula One (F1), and both became their country’s first world champion.

“He loves racing and I love racing. He is even a little bit older than me because at his age he is still in F1. I have a lot of respect for him. I remember following him in F1 when I was still in karts. For him, I turned on the TV because I knew he was going to race well.”

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