Mecole Hardman didn’t know his touchdown catch won the Super Bowl

Mecole Hardman’s response to his game-winning 3-yard touchdown catch in overtime during the Chiefs versus 49ers Super Bowl was notably subdued, prompting curiosity among viewers. However, there was a valid explanation behind his lack of immediate jubilation: he was unaware that his catch had sealed the victory for the Kansas City Chiefs, clinching their Super Bowl win with a score of 25-22.

The revelation came during the postgame show when Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared a humorous anecdote. As Hardman was being interviewed, Mahomes disclosed that his teammate had no clue about the significance of his catch until Mahomes informed him that they had just won the Super Bowl.

Mahomes elaborated, recounting how Hardman seemed to “black out” after securing the decisive touchdown and needed clarification from him regarding the outcome of the game. This lack of awareness was evident in Hardman’s initial subdued reaction, prompting Mahomes to jest, “What are we doing?”

The confusion surrounding the conclusion of the game was partly due to the rarity of Super Bowls extending into overtime and recent adjustments to NFL postseason overtime rules. Many viewers were uncertain whether Hardman’s touchdown had indeed ended the game or if the final seconds of overtime still needed to be played.

However, the game officially concluded with Hardman’s touchdown catch, as the 49ers had already possessed the ball and the Chiefs’ subsequent drive resulted in the game-winning score. This secured the Chiefs their second consecutive Super Bowl victory and marked their third triumph in the last five years.

Hardman’s game-winning catch capped off an impressive performance for the fifth-year receiver, who tallied three receptions for 57 yards in addition to the crucial touchdown. Despite his initial subdued reaction, Hardman expressed eagerness to celebrate now that the Lombardi Trophy was secured.

“It’s time to celebrate now,” Hardman declared, ready to make up for his initially muted response with a well-deserved celebration.