NBA veteran Tristan Thompson suspended for 25 games over violation of league’s drug policy

Tristan Thompson, the seasoned NBA player who made a return to the league after sitting out the 2022-23 season, faces a significant setback as he lands in hot water with the NBA. Following the Cleveland Cavaliers’ convincing 126-99 victory against the Orlando Magic on Monday, Thompson was suspended by the league for violating the NBA’s drug policy, as reported by Shams Charania.

The suspension, a hefty 25-game ban, comes as a surprising development, especially considering that the NBA has relaxed its stance on marijuana use by players. Fans quickly noted that Thompson’s violation must involve a substance other than marijuana, given the league’s updated policies.

Thompson’s suspension adds a challenging chapter to his comeback journey, raising questions about the nature of the violation and its implications for the veteran player and the Cavaliers.