Should you buy the playstation game Cricket 24?

Cricket enthusiasts eagerly awaited the release of Cricket 24, the latest installment in the beloved cricket gaming franchise. Developed by Big Ant Studios, Cricket 24 promised to deliver an immersive cricketing experience with enhanced gameplay mechanics and improved graphics. As avid fans of the sport geared up to step onto the virtual pitch once again, anticipation ran high for what the game had in store.

One of the most notable features of Cricket 24 is its nuanced gameplay mechanics, offering players two distinct control schemes: Arcade and Pro (Classic). The Arcade controls provide a streamlined experience, relying on simple button presses akin to quick-time events, while the Pro controls offer a more precise, stick-based approach. While both schemes have their merits, issues with player feedback, particularly in bowling, detract from the overall experience. Bowling sensitivity lacks consistency, often resulting in unpredictable outcomes, though this unpredictability adds a layer of authenticity to the gameplay.

Batting, on the other hand, feels responsive and grants players greater control over their shots. The animations are refined, capturing the fluidity and dynamism of real-life batting techniques. However, bowling animations appear repetitive, lacking the diversity seen in batting animations. Despite these discrepancies, hitting the sweet spot during batting generates satisfying feedback, immersing players in the thrill of sending the ball racing towards the boundary.

Cricket 24 boasts a fresh presentation, with revamped highlights packages, commentary, and stat screens enhancing the overall immersion. From detailed shot graphs to slow-motion replays, the game delivers a comprehensive cricketing experience. Visually, the game sees improvements in graphical fidelity, with lifelike player likenesses and meticulously rendered stadiums. However, inconsistencies persist, particularly in player likenesses and stadium detail.

Career Mode and Progression

In Cricket 24’s career mode, players navigate the highs and lows of a cricketing career, from club matches to national duty. While the mode offers a glimpse into the life of a professional cricketer, certain features, such as training mini-games, have been omitted, leaving a void in player progression. The career mode’s streamlined approach may appeal to some players but falls short of delivering a truly immersive experience.


Cricket 24 presents a mixed bag of delights and disappointments for cricket gaming enthusiasts. While the game showcases improvements in gameplay mechanics and presentation, lingering issues with player feedback and career mode progression hinder its overall appeal. Despite its shortcomings, Cricket 24 retains the essence of the sport, offering moments of exhilaration and frustration in equal measure.

As Big Ant Studios continues to refine and update Cricket 24 post-launch, there remains hope for the game to realize its full potential. With future updates addressing existing issues and enhancing gameplay dynamics, Cricket 24 has the potential to emerge as a definitive cricketing simulation. However, as it stands, Cricket 24 falls short of hitting a six, settling for a respectable yet unremarkable innings.