The Wealthiest F1 Drivers of All Time

Ever wondered who’s amassed the biggest fortunes in Formula 1 history? Here’s a peek into the lives of the sport’s wealthiest drivers, blending modern champions with legendary figures.

10. Alain Prost – £78M

This French racing icon’s four F1 championships set the stage for his financial success, with controversies only adding to his allure.

9. Eddie Irvine – £93M

Representing Ferrari and boasting a lucrative property portfolio, Irvine’s runner-up status in 1999 padded his bank account.

8. Mario Andretti – £101M

The American racing legend’s diverse wins across various championships have secured his financial legacy, with his family’s F1 ambitions poised for a potential resurgence.

7. Sebastian Vettel – £109M

Vettel’s four F1 titles and stints with top teams like Red Bull and Ferrari have solidified his status as one of the sport’s wealthiest figures.

6. Jenson Button – £117M

Beyond his championship victory, Button’s massive contracts and diverse business ventures have propelled him into the upper echelons of F1 wealth.

5. Niki Lauda – £157M

Lauda’s triumphant career, coupled with entrepreneurial endeavors and cinematic fame, ensured his lasting financial legacy.

4. Kimi Raikkonen – £143M

A hefty Ferrari contract and ventures beyond F1, including rally racing and team ownership, have made Raikkonen a titan in the world of motorsport finance.

3. Fernando Alonso – £204M

Alonso’s enduring presence in F1, spanning multiple teams and championships, has translated into a substantial net worth reflective of his illustrious career.

2. Lewis Hamilton – £223M

With a record-breaking seven world championships and savvy investments outside the sport, Hamilton’s wealth continues to soar to unprecedented heights.

1. Michael Schumacher – £472M

The undisputed king of F1 wealth, Schumacher’s unparalleled success with Ferrari and unmatched seven titles cement his status as the sport’s wealthiest figure, even as his legacy lives on.