Top 5 Dangerous WWE Wrestlers

Take a look at the top five most dangerous WWE wrestlers in the history, who dominated their opponents with their bone-crushing moves. 

Over the years, American World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has witnessed phenomenal growth in popularity and viewership and has established itself as a powerhouse of entertainment on a global level. With a wide array of diverse and fierce championships, including the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, Raw Tag Team Championship, NXT Women’s Championship, NXT North American Championship, NXT Tag Team Championship, WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and many others, the dynamic concept of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is commemorated by millions of viewers around the globe. 

Additionally, the history of WWE has witnessed numerous WWE icons, including the Undertaker, John Cena, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Mitchell, Triple H, Roman Reigns and many others who have garnered an incredible fan base with their fierce rivalries and intense wrestling bouts in the ring. Although WWE has implemented a set of stringent rules and protocols for the safety of wrestlers and to minimize the risk of life-threatening injuries inside the ring, a few tough wrestlers over the years have proved to be a nightmare for others with their dangerous moves, unprovoked attacks, excruciating knocks and high-risk punches. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the top five most dangerous WWE wrestlers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). 

Top 5 Dangerous WWE Wrestlers:

  • Mark William Calaway AKA The Undertaker

The American retired professional wrestler, Mark William Calaway, popularly known by his ring name, ‘The Undertaker’, is often considered to be the most dangerous WWE wrestler in the history of WWE. In his WWE career that lasted for thirty long years, Calaway portrayed a character of a supernatural force and continued to be in the spotlight for being a ‘dead man’ of the WWE ring. Apart from his stand-out appearance and unique ring attire, Mark William Calaway was also an extremely dangerous wrestler to battle against in the WWE ring. He was a master of old-school wrestling manoeuvres like the Chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver. Furthermore, Calaway’s active presence in the deadliest of WWE matches, including Hell in a Cell and the Buried Alive Series, further established his stature as one of the most brutal and dangerous wrestlers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  The Mankind Vs The Undertaker Hell in a Cell match in 1998 displayed the wrath of the dead man when he mercilessly threw Mankind off the top of a 16-foot cell. It continues to be one of the most thrilling and terrifying moments in the history of WWE.

  • John Cena AKA The Prototype 

Commemorated by millions of fans around the globe for his ‘Never Give Up’ fighter spirit, John Cena, an American professional wrestler and a rapper, is regarded as one of the most dangerous as well as accomplished wrestlers in the history of WWE. With his hardcore signature moves, including Attitude Adjustment (AA), Stepover Toehold Facelock, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Springboard Stunner, Protobomb and Diving Leg Drop Bulldog, John Cena established himself to be a walking nightmare for numerous prominent wrestlers of his era, including the legendary WWE champions like The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. With his unparalleled dedication towards wrestling and fitness, John Cena clinched the WWE championship title for a record-breaking sixteen times. Furthermore, Mr P. also clinched the Royal Rumble match twice in the years 2008 and 2013, speaking volumes about his dominance in the wrestling culture.

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  • Paul Michael Levesque AKA Triple H 

 American business executive, actor and retired professional WWE wrestler Paul Michael Levesque, popularly known by his ring name, Triple H, is still revered as one of the greatest and most dangerous WWE wrestlers in the history. The current head creative and chief content officer of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Paul Michael Levesque aka Triple H has witnessed fuming rivalries throughout his WWE career with numerous iconic WWE superstars including The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Randy Orton. Triple H’s brutal fighting style against The Undertaker at two iconic Hell in a Cell match, at WrestleMania 28 and WrestleMania 27, still resonates in the annals of WWE as the most daunting and spine-chilling moments in the history of the championship. Triple H’s signature finishing move, called the ‘Pedigree’, gave night terror to even the greatest of WWE wrestlers. 

  • Dalip Singh Rana AKA The Great Khali 

The first Indian-born World Heavyweight Champion in the history of WWE, Dalip Singh Rana, prominently known by his ring name, ‘The Great Khali’, was inducted into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame in 2021. The former Assistant Sub-Inspector of Punjab Police, Dalip Singh Rana, is commemorated as one of the toughest and most dangerous WWE wrestlers in the history. Often referred to as the ‘Punjabi Nightmare’, Dalip Singh Rana dominated the WWE arena with his intimidating presence and unmatched physical dominance. With a towering height of 2.15 m and humongous physical strength of 158 Kgs (approx), Khali gave a tough time to some of the iconic WWE wrestlers, including John Cena, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Batista and Triple H. Khali’s neck-breaking and high-risk wrestling moves which included his signature ‘Khali Chop’ and ‘Chokebomb’ move established him as a formidable force in the highly-competitive history of WWE.

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  • Brock Edward Lesnar AKA Brock Lesnar 

As mentioned earlier, the WWE has implemented a set of stringent rules and protocols for the safety of wrestlers and to minimize the risk of life-threatening injuries inside the ring, a few wrestlers have still caused major injuries to their opponents in the ring with their unplanned and fierce attacks. American professional wrestler, Brock Edward Lesnar is one such wrestler who has caused numerous serious injuries to his opponents throughout his WWE career. The mixed martial arts artist, Brock Lesnar, is considered to be one of the most dangerous WWE wrestlers in the history. The eleventh episode of the 2004 WWE SmackDown, witnessed Brock Lesnar break Holly’s neck while executing a Powerbomb move. Hardcore Holly, had to undergo surgery immediately after the match, which proved to be a major setback in his wrestling career. Apart from Hardcore Holly, Brock Edward caused major injuries to other WWE iconic wrestlers, including Randy Ortan and Big Show, speaking volumes about his wrath inside the WWE ring.