Top 7 richest golfers in 2024

In the world of golf, success on the green translates to big bucks. Let’s take a look at the top seven golfers who have amassed extraordinary personal fortunes in 2024.

7. Jordan Spieth – $120 million

Despite not clinching a title since April 2022, Spieth’s wealth soared in 2023. Thanks to lucrative partnerships with global brands like Under Armour, Rolex, and Coca-Cola, Spieth’s net worth continues to rise. His recent purchase of a lavish mansion in Dallas for $7.1 million adds to his opulence.

6. Rory McIlroy – $170 million

With earnings from his career, endorsements, and investments, McIlroy’s net worth stands at a staggering $170 million. Despite resisting joining LIV Golf, McIlroy’s financial success remains undeniable, becoming the youngest player to earn €10 million on the European Tour.

5. Gary Player – $250 million

Player’s wealth stems from his prolific course design work, boasting over 400 golf course designs, including Sun City’s Gary Player Country Club. His impressive golf career, recording 118 international wins and completing a career Grand Slam, solidifies his status as one of the richest in golf.

4. Jack Nicklaus – $400 million

Nicklaus, with his unbreakable Major wins record, maintains a hefty net worth despite slipping from the top spot. His involvement in course design and renovation ensures a steady stream of income, although new contenders from LIV Golf threaten his standing.

3. Greg Norman – $400 million

Norman’s role as LIV Golf CEO has kept him ahead in the wealth race, despite not receiving the astronomical offers seen by top players. While facing criticism for his LIV Golf involvement, Norman’s net worth remains robust.

2. Phil Mickelson – $875 million

Mickelson’s net worth hovers around $875 million, with speculation suggesting it may exceed $900 million. His recent windfall from the LIV golf deal significantly boosted his wealth, although details of the deal remain undisclosed.

1. Tiger Woods – $1.1 billion

Woods, a trailblazer in golfing wealth, is reported to have earned nearly $2 billion throughout his career. In 2022, Forbes crowned him as golf’s first billionaire. Despite rejecting a lucrative offer from LIV Golf, Woods remains at the pinnacle of golfing affluence.