Why did Tiger Woods withdraw from the Genesis Invitational?

Tiger Woods, the iconic golfer whose return to competitive play has been closely watched by fans worldwide, faced another setback in his journey back to the top of the leaderboard. After an up-and-down performance on Thursday, Woods withdrew from the Genesis Invitational on Friday, leaving fans and analysts speculating about the future of his career.

Despite sinking five birdies in the first round, Woods also posted six bogeys, showcasing the challenges he’s faced since a serious car crash three years ago. For a 48-year-old battling leg and ankle troubles, it was a mixed bag of results, but an encouraging start to the year nonetheless.

However, hopes of seeing Woods continue his competitive spirit were dashed when he abruptly ended his run at the event hosted by his foundation. The withdrawal not only disappointed fans but also raised concerns about Woods’ ability to compete in upcoming events, including major tournaments.


So, what led to Tiger Woods’ withdrawal from the Genesis Invitational?

According to Woods’ representatives, the golf legend was dealing with flu-like symptoms that began Thursday night, including a fever and dizziness. Despite receiving treatment with an IV bag, Woods decided to call it a day after struggling with his health on the course.

While the news of Woods’ illness may come as a relief, given his history of back and ankle issues, it underscores the fragility of his physical condition. Back spasms during Thursday’s round had already hinted at his ongoing struggles with injuries, adding to the uncertainty surrounding his future performances.

This isn’t the first time Woods has faced setbacks in recent years. He withdrew from the 2023 Masters, citing challenging weather conditions, and underwent ankle surgery shortly after. With two consecutive withdrawals from PGA Tour starts, questions loom over Woods’ ability to endure the rigors of major tournaments in the coming months.

As golfers vied for the lead at the Genesis Invitational, Woods’ absence served as a stark reminder of the uncertainties surrounding his comeback journey. Despite finishing the first round 1-over par, Woods’ withdrawal leaves fans wondering when they’ll see the golf legend back in action and whether he’ll be able to reclaim his dominance on the course once again.