Formula 1 Nearing IndyCar-Like Competitiveness, Anticipates Zak Brown

Zak Brown, involved in both Formula 1 and IndyCar, foresees Formula 1 moving towards the competitive landscape seen in IndyCar, with multiple race winners and increased unpredictability. Despite Red Bull’s dominance in 2023, Brown believes that the field is closing in, resembling the competitive nature of IndyCar. He emphasizes the potential for a broader range of winners and a more closely contested championship in the upcoming seasons.

Brown notes that even teams in the lower standings are becoming threats in qualifying, mirroring the trend seen in IndyCar. While acknowledging Red Bull’s current advantage, he anticipates a more level playing field as Formula 1 continues with its existing technical regulations into 2024 and 2025. Brown suggests that the sport is moving away from a single-team dominance scenario, fostering a more exciting and unpredictable racing environment.

However, Brown remains cautious about the unknown performance levels of Red Bull, considering their early switch to the 2024 car project. Despite this uncertainty, he points out the strengths of other teams like Ferrari and Mercedes, emphasizing that Formula 1 is on the verge of convergence, offering fans a more thrilling and competitive racing spectacle.