Gaurav Yadav leads the wicket-takers chart in Ranji Trophy 2024 after Day 3 of Round 4

As the Ranji Trophy 2024 unfolds its cricketing spectacle, young talents shine, and the race for the highest wicket-taker intensifies. After the conclusion of Day 3 in Round 4 on Friday, Pondicherry’s Gaurav Yadav stands atop the wicket-takers chart, having claimed an impressive tally of 31 wickets.

The domestic cricket season in India kickstarted with the Ranji Trophy 2024 on January 5, with the Elite final slated for March 10 and the Plate final scheduled for February 17. Among the emerging bowlers, Gaurav Yadav from Pondicherry has been a standout performer, boasting a remarkable record of 31 wickets after Day 3 of Round 4.

Following closely in the rankings is Madhya Pradesh’s K Kartikeya, securing the second spot with 25 wickets to his name. As the competition intensifies, several other bowlers have made their mark in the top 10 wicket-takers list, showcasing their skill and prowess on the cricket field.

The current top 10 wicket-takers in the Ranji Trophy 2024 are as follows:

1. Gaurav Yadav (Pondicherry) – 31 wickets
2. K Kartikeya (Madhya Pradesh) – 25 wickets
3. SP Udeshi (Pondicherry) – 24 wickets
4. D Dhapola (Uttarakhand) – 23 wickets
5. H Walunj (Maharashtra) – 22 wickets
6. AS Thakare (Vidarbha) – 20 wickets
7. V Koushik (Karnataka) – 20 wickets
8. SS Jain (Madhya Pradesh) – 20 wickets
9. HM Chauhan (Delhi) – 19 wickets
10. BA Bhatt (Baroda) – 19 wickets

The competition promises more thrilling encounters, with these bowlers leaving an indelible mark in the Ranji Trophy 2024.