Top 10 Scariest WWE Wrestlers Who Haunted the Ring

Explore who are in the list of WWE’s top five scariest wwe wrestlers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Explore the top five most spine-chilling, scariest WWE wrestlers in the history of WWE

Initially established as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC) in 1953 by Jess McMohan and Vincent James McMohan, the American professional wrestling promotion now known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is one of the most popular wrestling platforms at a worldwide level. With billions of hardcore fans around the world, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has continued to reign supreme in the world of wrestling by providing the users with a unique blend of wrestling, high-voltage drama and great rivalries. Over the decades, WWE has featured numerous wrestlers with a highly dramatic, funny and scary persona to grab the attention of the audience. While there are many claims of WWE being a scripted format, the platform has continued pushing scary storylines and rivalries between the wrestlers in order to increase the curiosity and excitement among the WWE fan base. With wrestlers like The Undertaker, Boogeyman, and many more, WWE has also attempted to add a supernatural element to the show, introducing Mark William Calaway aka The Undertaker as “the dead man”. WWE is prominently known for playing around with such tricks and bringing the scariest WWE Wrestlers into the limelight by chipping in zillions of wrestling fans. 

A look at the top five most scariest WWE wrestlers featured in WWE

  • The Boogeyman

scariest WWE wrestler
Boogeymen- The scariest WWE wrestler

American professional wrestler Martin Wright, widely recognised as “The Boogeyman”, made his much-awaited WWE debut in 2004 and ever since he has continued to be one of the most dangerous and scariest WWE wrestlers in the world. With creepy accessories and his face covered in red and black paint, the boogeyman truly created an eerie experience for both the opponents and the viewers of the WWE format and resembled the spirit of a walking monster. While the Boogeyman’s actions in the wrestling ring were quite unpredictable, his ruthless moves and strange rituals were quite a nightmare for the opponent wrestlers in the ring. In addition to his scary persona, Boogeyman’s “worm-eating” gimmick was considered to be his trademark. In his decades-long wrestling career, there have been multiple instances where the Boogeyman was captured stuffing“living” worms forcefully inside the mouth of the opponent, leaving the viewers shocked and horror-stricken.

  • The Undertaker

scariest wwe wrestler
Undertaker (Photo- wallpapercave)

Mark William Calaway aka “The Undertaker” and “The Dead Man” has been a cornerstone in the ever-growing prominence of WWE at a global level. The American retired professional wrestler served WWE for three decades before announcing his retirement from all forms of wrestling in 2020. Even after his retirement from the format, the Undertaker is still considered to be one of the most enduring and high-profile wrestlers ever introduced in the WWE arena. Undertaker’s trademark entry into the wrestling ring based on a supernatural theme still continues to send chills down the spine of the viewers. Dressed in a black trench coat and a black broad-brimmed hat, Undertaker’s slow walk accompanied by thick smoke and funeral-slow music was considered enough to disrupt the opponent’s confidence in the ring. The Undertaker was portrayed to be “dead” for a total of six times in WWE as per the storylines of WWE, making his appearance utterly horrifying and supernatural for the audience and hardcore fans of WWE.

  • Mankind

scariest wwe wrestlers
Doink The Clown WWE Wrestler (Photo: peakpx)

Michael Francis Foley aka Mankind is an American retired professional wrestler who is still considered to be one of the most unusual and dark characters ever introduced in the WWE format. Mankind’s self-destructive behaviour in the ring, such as ruthlessly pulling his own hair and smashing his head on the floor of the wrestling ring, is often used to intimidate his opponents inside the ring. Moreover, Mankind’s trademark look, which consisted of a leather face mask, mucky white shirt & shredded leather pants, was specifically designed to make him look creepy and psychotic which made him popular as one of the scariest WWE wrestlers. Mankind’s psychotic behaviour, creepy outfit and bedraggled hair often made him appear as a psychopath who has just escaped from an asylum which worked well to terrorize and unnerve his opponents inside the wrestling ring. Furthermore, the dramatic promos of WWE portrayed mankind as a highly disturbed and suffering meshuggener, which further made the audience fear his on-stage appearance.

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  • Doink The Clown

Scariest WWE Wrestler
Doink The Clown WWE Wrestler

The late Matthew Wade Osborne, also prominently known by his ring name “Doink the Clown”, was widely considered to be the first wrestler in the world to portray the lively yet extremely dangerous and scariest WWE wrestler in WWE format. While most of the viewers in the initial stage of his wrestling career perceived Matthew Wade Osborne to be a funny WWE character, in no time the wrestler struck them with streaks of terror with his scary and dangerous side. Portraying the unsettling clown character, Matthew Wade Osborne used to draw away and intimidate his opponents with his brilliant and eerie psychological tricks. Moreover, Osborne also used hidden objects such as a loaded prosthetic arm in order to defeat the opponent. Osborne is one of the scariest WWE wrestlers in the history of WWE, often receiving strong hate and criticism from the fans of WWE for using unethical approaches to win the match.

  • The Devil’s Favorite Demon

Kane- Scariest WWE Wrestler
Kane WWE Wrestler (Photo: WWE)

American politician and professional wrestler, Glenn Thomas Jacobs, popularly known as “Kane”, made his WWE debut in 1995 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021, making him one of the most iconic and scariest WWE wrestlers in the world. While Glenn Thomas Jacobs aka Kane’s was often praised for his intimidating in-ring appearance and dominance over his opponents, he was also portrayed as a “monster” covered in a blood-red mask and black leather pants with traces of fire symbols on them. Initially introduced as the brother of the Undertaker, Kane was anticipated to be another supernatural character of WWE. Furthermore, Kane’s dreadful chokeslams and the infamous “Tombstone Piledriver” further solidified and intensified his in-ring as the scariest WWE wrestler and highly intimidating persona for both opponents and viewers of the WWE format.