Barcelona welcomes ECJ Ruling on Super League, advocates for new discussions

FC Barcelona, a prominent figure in the European Super League initiative in 2021, extended a warm welcome to the European Court of Justice’s ruling, which declared UEFA and FIFA’s actions against the Super League as ‘illegal.’ In a groundbreaking decision, the ECJ deemed the rules in place at the time insufficient, marking FIFA and UEFA’s preventive measures as an “illegal” interference with the rebel tournament.

Barcelona, along with fellow La Liga club Real Madrid, took a leading role in the Super League project. However, swift actions by UEFA and FIFA thwarted the tournament’s realization, resulting in sanctions against the participating clubs.

Following the ECJ verdict, Barcelona expressed their ‘satisfaction’ in a statement, acknowledging the ruling as a positive step. The club called for new discussions about the Super League project, viewing the judgment as an opportunity to pave the way for a new elite-level football competition in Europe. Barcelona emphasized the need to challenge the existing monopoly in the football world and expressed their eagerness to contribute to constructive debates about the future direction of European competitions.

“In a year when the club is celebrating its 125th anniversary, Barça wishes to continue to offer its experience and knowledge of different sports to propose solutions for current issues in elite sport. That is why it is declaring its support for the Super League promoted by A22 and encourages constructive debate among both domestic and international football bodies, which have now been endorsed by today’s sentence by the Court of Justice of the European Union,” the statement concluded.