F1 Champ Verstappen Wants Sprint Races Gone, Says Sprint Title “Means Nothing”

Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen has voiced displeasure with the potential addition of a Sprint championship to the 2023 F1 calendar. Despite winning four of the six Sprint races held in 2022, Verstappen believes instituting a Sprint championship separate from the main Grand Prix would “mean nothing” and provide no satisfaction even in victory.

F1 is considering tweaks to the Sprint format for its fourth season, including possible reversed grids or a distinct Sprint championship title. However, Verstappen remains uninterested in these proposed changes. He feels the standard race format with all teams competing closely already supplies adequate excitement.

Furthermore, Verstappen suggests eliminating Sprint races altogether, as he gains no fulfillment from winning them currently. His opinions come after he dominated last season’s Sprint events, securing four wins out of six Sprints in 2022.

With another six Sprint races slated for 2023, Verstappen’s comments question the future direction of the format ahead of the upcoming season. Despite his personal Sprint success, the reigning World Champion believes Sprint victories “mean nothing” compared to success in F1’s traditional Grands Prix.