Schleibs’ Scary Left Hook: A Contender for Australia’s Knockout of the Year

Mark Schleibs, the brash Melbourne bantamweight, is causing ripples in the boxing world after unleashing a “scary” left hook that positions him as a formidable contender for Australia’s Knockout of the Year accolade in 2024. Despite his modest 53kg frame, Schleibs is on a mission to establish himself as one of the nation’s most powerful pound-for-pound punchers.

In a shocking turn of events, Schleibs thrust himself into the spotlight with a brutal takedown of Shamal Ram Anuj in November. Now, he stands among the nominees for the prestigious No Limit/Fox Sports Australia boxing awards, vying for the Knockout of the Year title alongside prominent contenders like breakout heavyweight Brandon Grach.

While Grach, celebrated for his emphatic KO against Liam Talivaa, is considered the frontrunner, Schleibs emerges as the ‘smokey’ in the race. Undaunted by his weight class, he boldly declares, “At my weight, no one f***s with me, man.” The audacious bantamweight is not only eyeing the coveted award but also envisions a massive 2024 for himself, setting the stage for a promising ascent in Australian boxing.

Schleibs’ left hook, inspired by Filipino destroyer Nonito Donaire, adds an element of unpredictability to the competition, making him a name to watch in the quest for Australia’s Knockout of the Year.